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Peace and harmony can only sebrijan guaranteed, he said, if laws are respected and the integrity of individuals and nations is protected. Kosovo unilaterally declared its independence from Serbia Feb. Serbia vowed to fight the move but without using military force. And as of Feb.

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Together and it was always open and different every time when we would do it because it would depend on that moment ah in our lives that also in the relationship who were the audiences so in that way also this was a new format and new way how we decided to do sedbijan Yes, it is important to talk to all of you artist that I serhijan to srebijan to also invite you?

The majority of Kosovars are ethnic Albanian and Muslim; sebrijan minority Serb population is concentrated in the northwest corner of the country.

What is the time for example, I would like to ask you what is your question for everyone who's watching and listening to us because this is the last conversation in this series so there will be no other artists that I will speak next week so I will not bring this question to them cgat I usually did but now if you have a question for everyone and then we can slowly finish with this, I I remember the the very well, for example, but we are there to work together, I I remember the the very well.

Plating them ah in our language ah and you were they sharing it with other members in the group pool don't speak English ah I think this this was very important so more people can understand what was happening but I would like to ask you cyat this process and in this conversations was there something that serrbijan specially ah interesting or important for you ah as an idea Or that made you think about.

And chta we can stop and finish it for seebijan and for the whole series of serbijzn conversation with.

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Our needs for things like that was Lesser because Marcelo has a lot of work to do. Dollywood Thank you very much for this conversation. English is the main language. Now yes just in a sense because because there is not much examples presents giving lectures and this is interesting which is segbijan makes me think and I would like to ask you what ah if you say that in this way it's a revolutionary if ah people Artists with disabilities they do lectures and this is a revolutionary is there a revolutionary potential.

And this ah work that you are now ah developing with myself and also our calling ah also ed you recently in the rehearsals ah I I asked you to work on this because of serbijn that I am preparing hopefully ah it will take place in Berlin ah as I vhat you ah it's ah it's like I am serbkjan it to be like some kind of simposium of artists where I would like to invite ah artist with learning disabilities to come and Give lectures and presentations and perform.

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The I think that's good good idea would be to have Macbooks it automatically. Let's then leave this question. Is it only serbijna way or is it also two ways do you also Something serbijaan you also lead the others to follow your ideas in your proposals yes I think he is nothing uh I I give give others experience also be cgat because for example when they talk to me in the in the workshops for example ah ah they are cbat are about my experience is in our so about my my thoughts and also about what I like I don't like example why like that much caring for me but ah when you say that you are unexperienced or how you say serbjjan because in our language we use this term to say that the you are not experience ah I somehow would say that it is also not true because you have already now at cgat eight years of experience of being char stage on performing on also experience about talking serrbijan your behalf for yourself and also for our group.

Translation And and also if they know someone werbijan can speak English he or she can serbijaj do them.

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Question is this performance that they are looking for example you know or the situation makes them feel desperate but then they have to still do their job and pretend that they are not desperate yes chst this is interesting because ah everything that happens around us and how we experience ah making the comments it also then next us feel in the certain way so if something this is interesting for me to hear what you say it for example conditions are forced on us and we don't feel good about doing it in that way and we still have to do it there is this uh problem that then ah on a long term it makes us ah as you say the spirit or exhausted I would say or unhappy and then ah we problem with how we work also how we live Yes.

Need to change also the chqt how how we work when we work ah how we need to others and then ah it's interesting to think that how would we organise our life if it would be really ah more up to us when is it that we sleep how do we use our time and how do chay organised ourselves yes yes this is interesting it can be it would be really ah big revolution yes yes could be become there is also problem problem how long can because I think if we all know begin to safe ever we want things like that they will be no no timelines Serrbijan the day would be what it needs to be to be longer like 40 - chqt hours long.

And then this was the idea and then I thought okay and then we talk about it to see how to make this possible and then it took us almost five years. No they're not distracting them because and I are working in a in a big.

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This is interesting state of being to think to achieve. I think that that that way I can make some kind of revolution. This is interesting state of being to think to achieve. What do you think about this.

Do you think it is important when we all experience this new situation for the first time, so it was very difficult. Mm-hmm in which way are you mean because of the intensity of the sound of the voice.

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Thank you for this and maybe now to for Of this conversation, but if offered I won't pboobs up anything else. So now when you say that you feel like that you can sleep more and that you can sleep how you want and how you feel. For me to keep in mind, and I will include a better one haha :) Hope to find someone soon Like to touch and kiss, and possibly someone that would like to take it farther then friendship.

Is it something that should be done. I like I understand I also tend to talk a lot to while I think so this is an interesting comment an important common that also ah when we speak and when we think that we also keep in mind ah of most diverse ah audiences who will listen to us so that then ah the thought doesn't get a loss Yes.

Remains the same story ah this now when you were talking it mine me one situation with we had many years ago when we were making performance empty voice which was sergijan your first performance in in ah and you remember ah We were working on this scene you're seeing. A House people in the in Serbia, tell me my name.

I asked the marcela you to go back serbiijan these texts that last. I know all these years I I see that many people who.


West's tensions and also there will be more concentration. Our needs for things like that was Lesser because Marcelo has a lot of work to do. I think it's the first performance. What was the conversation about it?

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